Therapies - INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE and Yoga




There are many complimentary and alternative therapies to choose from, grounded in the traditions of the ancients, but few are quite as well suited for the classic problems caused by everyday tensions as Indian Head Massage.


Although called a ‘head’ massage the therapy goes further than the scalp. It works on the shoulders and neck, where it attacks deep-seated stress and strain. Indian Head Massage is excellent for treating scalp and hair problems, but can also help prevent headaches and soothe insomnia. Research suggests it may boost blood and lymph circulation, improving ability to detoxify and keep infections at bay. It also relieves muscle tension and can improve joint mobility.





Yoga is able to assist people with MS. Its gentle movements and breathing and meditation techniques improve and help maintain energy flow with minimal physical effort. Fitness and clarity of mind are improved, whilst further degeneration can in many cases be slowed down






Massage aims to provide people with time and space for a relaxing and soothing experience in a warm, supportive atmosphere. Massage improves the circulation. It relaxes tense muscles and is an excellent way to unwind and help restore a sense of well being and balance.




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