Middlesbrough MS Therapy Centre Treatments



Before outlining the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatment for multiple sclerosis, it must be understood that this treatment is not a cure for this condition. The main aim is to stabilize the patient’s condition and improve their quality of life.


Research from several countries shows that oxygen treatment can help ease the symptoms of many people who have Multiple Sclerosis.  By breathing pure oxygen while under increased pressure (hyperbaric oxygen) many people find relief from their symptoms and, it is thought, some help in slowing down the progression of the condition.


The therapy centres started by designing their operations on information arising from a controlled clinical trial in New York in 1980/1982. The results of the trial indicated both an improvement in symptoms and some protection from deterioration in more than half the people treated.


The result of subsequent studies in Britain and abroad varied from a worst of ‘no obvious change’ to a variety of positive changes.


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